The Cornovirus has affected billions of people in every country and every state. Parents can't go to work nor can kids go to school. Most unfortunately, healthcare workers such as nurses, doctors and more have to go to work and leave their kids at home. They are not able to stay home with their children and make sure they are safe, warm, and on top of their school work. It is up to us teenagers to help these healthcare workers by giving their kids an oppuntriuty to learn from us. I will connect all teenage volunteers with these kids and we will structure a one-on-one lesson plan for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. 

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Our Mission

Healthcare workers risk their lives everyday to help the world battle through this crisis: the coronavirus. Our mission is to help these workers by giving them a source of reassurance that their kids will be educated for 30 minutes every other day. I hope this movement can aid the brave people who risk their lives everyday to make sure the country is safe and healthy. 

With the large number of volunteers, we are now extending this program to all families. We want to help everyone through this crises. 


If you want to be a volunteer

Email Aron Dyadyuk at arondya24@gmail.com
The more volunteers the more people we can help

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